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Tosh - Home Away From Home

"To be anywhere but here" sounds like a feeling that a lot of folks out there can relate to right? But why do humans have this knack of always running after something that looks all shiny and dreamy from afar but when they actually get down to it, the truth seems to be completely different. However, there might be folks who may disagree. Many have found refuge in places far away from home and have grown to call it their own.

Hidden away from the hullabaloo of big cities or even towns for that matter, about 15 hours away from Delhi, lies this beautiful little village in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh called Tosh. Just like the saying "end of the road" this one is quite literally at the end of the road, beyond which one can only trek forward. However, over the years as more and more people have learnt about this little jewel, the village has started expanding giving rise to an increase in population which later results in all the hazards that come along with an increase in population. But come what may, the people in the mountains will always greet you with a smile and treat you as their own guest. But, given how fast things have been moving and the carelessness of the many travelers that make their way to the village, the pollution and the waste collected seems to be increasing significantly.

In 2017, Rahil, a mixed martial arts national champion from Bengaluru paid a visit to the mountains for the very first time. He had a few words to say about where he had landed and how the mountains have this ability to speak to everyone.

Today, over 3 years later, the village has almost doubled in size. There are more homes and way more facilities that cater to the travelers headed there. But due to the CoVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions imposed in multiple states, these business have tried their best to remain afloat. Though the world is getting back to normal slowly and steadily, it's still going to take a while before everything gets back to the way it was before the entire world shut down. As soon as travel restrictions were lifted, Kullu saw about sixty thousand tourists the following weekend.

The Fine Sight team headed out to this treasure in the mountains as soon as conditions were feasible a few weeks back. "Takes my breath away. Every time." says Vishesh who first visited the village back in 2013 and has been heading back there every once in a while over the years. However, given how the village is now almost as big as a small town, he feels the place has started losing it's charm and that everyone should do something to preserve such places. Check out this bird's eye view of Tosh from TFS's last visit there.

Serene is just what we can say to describe this beautiful, calm and peaceful little piece of heaven up in the mountains. Tosh is one place you should definitely visit. The people there need it and most of all, your soul might too! But remember to leave the place clean and as preserved as possible when you get there.

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